Balingary Nubians

GNOMEBERG AV VALBORG        1-20-99       Black, white ears, nose and cap.
LA:  1-05  FS 81 (V E V A)
                                                Patty's-Pride MY T Conan
Patty's-Pride CO Anker
                                                Balingary TT Olympia 5*M
                                                HES 89

                                                +*B Balingary LCC Hershey FS 81
Balingary Hershey’s Valerian *M FS 88
                                                Balingary Magic Makushla

Valborg is extremely large with excellent.breed character. She did not, however appear in episode 43 of Star Trek, "Revenge of the Valborgs" (Just kidding). She is bred to Capriccio for February 25. Kids $200.

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