Balingary Nubians

Balingary Hootie's Sparkle    4/29/02   Black with white trim, ears, nose, cap and spots
LA:  1-03 FS 80 (+VAA)

                                                *B Udder Providence Leviathan
Sire:*B BEST Obsidian  FS 90
                                                Copper-Hill Amethyst 7*M

                                                +*B Copper-Hill Tiger Tracks
Dam:  GCH Balingary TT Tallulah 5*M   FS 91
                                                Balingary Lady Lavinia 4*M

Sparkle is the last Tallulah (Hootie) daughter. She was given a vacation from milking, and was not appraised, in 2004.

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