Balingary Nubians

Balingary Evening Song	3/14/03       Brown with frosted ears and nose, tan facial stripes

                                               *B Udder Providence Leviathan
Sire:  *B BEST Obsidian  FS 90
                                               Copper- Hill Luck's Amethyst 7*M

                                               +*B Balingary LCC Hershey
Dam:  GCH Balingary Evie's Enya  1*M  FS 88
                                               Tri-Cities EP Evie

I was delighted this year, when, after 3 years of bucks only, Enya finally produced another daughter. Eve is as lovely as her mother, and we are looking for good things from her. She has been bred to Rhett for March 6.

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