Balingary Nubians

*B Balingary SX Pwyll 
LA:1-02 85 + V E
Extended Pedigree: ++*B GCH Hallcienda Frosty Marvin 8-07 FS90 VEE ++*B Warpaint Acres Superbuck 2-03 FS88 VVV Warpaint Acres Mindy 3*M ++*B GCH Lotus Ladies Super Son Rise 4-00 FS82 A+V +B Lotus Ladies Special Sensation Lotus Ladies Rosy Future 3*M 2-03 FS87 VE+V Calico Apple Ivy 2*M 4-06 FS82 +EVA ____________________________________________________________________________ Dayspring Blue Boy +B Old Glory Dream Weaver Niro Dandy's Brea Balingary DWT Xena 6*M 1-03 FS79 AV+A +*B Copper Hill Tiger Tracks GCH Balingary TT Tallulah 5*M 6-04 FS91 EEEE Balingary Lady Lavinia 4*M 3-06 FS80 +AVA ____________________________________________________________________________

Sweet Baby Pwyll

Yearling Rut Boy Pwyll

Pwyll is going to be a very very big fellow. He is the tallest yearling I've seen in a long time! His kids were very nice last year, unfortunately, most were bucks! I'm looking for a lot of daughters this time. Pwyll blood tested G6S normal (neg).

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