Balingary Nubians

SG Balingary Lydia Llyrian    4/24/02   Dark brown with black trim
LA: 2-04  FS 89 (VVEE)

                                                *B Udder Providence Leviathian
Sire:  *B BEST Obsidian  FS 90
                                                Copper-Hill Luck's Amethyst  7*M

                                                GCH ++*B Lotus Ladies Super Son Rise
Dam:  SG Balingary SX Llyra 7*M FS 88
                                                Balingary DWT Xena 6*M

Lydia was awarded the SG in 2005, making her a second generation SG doe. She has been sold, but her full sister is GCH Nnenna Freelon.

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