Balingary Nubians

Balingary NL Lolita	       3/24/03       Black with grey and white spots and markings  LA: 2-04  88 VVVV

                                             +B Balingary ES Keanu
Sire:  Gnomeberg KL Sir Lancelot FS 85
                                             GCH Foxwood GB Calico Lady 1*M FS 91

                                             *B BEST Obsidian FS 90
Dam:  Balingary Nnenna Freelon  8*M FS 90                                                                
                                             SG Balingary SX Llyra 7*M  FS 88   

Lolita is the kind of Nubian a lot of people would like to own. First, she is spotted, second, she is extremely correct, third, she has a very good udder, fourth, she has a lot of milk, and fifth, she is very easy to hand milk. She also shows very well- on the down side, she is a bit short.

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