Balingary Nubians

SOUTHERN GOLD LINUS        04/19/2005   Black with white on stomach and left rear leg
Pedigree: SS: +B Longman's RG Gold Rush Sire: Southern Gold Oreo SD: Bosque- Valley Shi Nesha 1*M DS: *B Kastdemur's Meet Dan in Dayton Dam: Lynnhaven D Lynn DD: Lynnhaven CD Eclipse 2*M ____________________________________________________________________________
We are grateful to Debby Dahl for trusting us with this fine young buck. We have admired Lynn ever since she came to live with Debby. Linus, as well as having a wonderful pedigree, is a very handsome fellow. He is upstanding with excellent feet and legs, and tremendous strength of bone. We think he will cross very well with our Obsidian daughters.

Lynnhaven D Lynn, owned by Debby Dahl, Southern Gold

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