Balingary Nubians

BALINGARY AM JASMINE 3*M     3-27-97     Brown with bold white markings                    
LA: 3-03 FS 88 (V E E V)

                                                *B Kastdemur’s ETE Amadeus
*B Balingary AT Adagio FS 86
                                                GCH Balingary TT Tallulah 5*M FS 91

						*B Royal Cedars Capriccio FS 90
Balingary EC Maggie 2*M FS 79
						GCH Balingary Evie’s Enya *M FS 90

A very striking doe, Jasmine, showed well this year, with several firsts. She is bred to Obsidian for April 3. Kids: $300.

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