Balingary Nubians

+*B B.E.S.T. Obsidian  1-30-2000 
LA: 3-07 90 VEE
Extended Pedigree: CF #1 Nicholas 1-02 FS86 VEV Manges-Colony Johnny Exclaim GCH Manges-Colony Jasmine 3*M 3-02 FS90 VVVE *B Udder Providence Leviathan Foxwood Cameo's Smooth Cameron 1-03 FS81 +V+ B.E.S.T. Maranatha FC Lindylu 10*M 3-02 FS86 +EEV B.E.S.T. Maranatha CMRS Laurel 9*M 3-02 FS85 +E+V ____________________________________________________________________________ GCH +*B Regehrs Alginon's Beaujolais 5-04 FS90 VEE *B Copper Hill Beau's Double Luck Copper Hill Lady Beth 12*M 2-04 FS87 +VEE Copper Hill Luck's Amethyst 7*M +*B Copper Hill Alginons Breakaway 4-04 FS91 EEE Copper Hill Breakaway's Abbie 6*M 3-04 FS88 VEEV Copper Hill Winter Blues 5*M 5-04 FS87 +VEE ____________________________________________________________________________

Obsidian (we call him Ian) is one of the best bucks we have ever owned or used AI. His daughters are consistantly outstanding. He, himself, is quite an impressive fellow, appraising 90 (VEE), as a 3 year old. His daughter scores, so far are:

Hannah               6*M  87 VVEV
GCH Nnenna Freelon   8*M  89 VVEE
Iris                 1*M  87 V+EV
SG Lydia                  89 VVEE
Sparkle                   87 VEEV
Twyla                     81 ++V+
Violet                    82 VVA+

His daughters consistantly place high in the show ring.

Obsidian is no longer with us and we miss him terribly, but we are fortunate that 5 daughters remain in our herd, and he was bred to 3 of our best does for 2006 kids. Semen is available through Superior Semen Works. Obsidian is G6S normal.

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