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Scenic Hotrock Tennessee is a small community nestled between Delrose and Mcburg. The story of how Hotrock got its name goes something like this:

"A long time ago, Delrose was a big town, as far as farming communities go. The railroad went right through Delrose, and a feed store, hardware store, and a general store did a fair amount business. Not to be outdone, a man decided to open a general store of his own. It was about 5 miles from the train stop in Delrose - not so far that he couldn't get supplies from the train station, and just far enough that farmers who worked in the fields all day wouldn't mind paying a few extra cents (so they wouldn't have to go all the way to Delrose). So the The old man did a good business there, and his store became somewhat of a landmark. Like I said, not so expensive that the trip to Delrose was worth it. One summer, there was a long drought. Two solid months, June and July, without a drop of rain. Now, the old man had built the store right next to a creek - in all his years he had never known the creek to run dry. But that summer, it did. No one could believe it, none of the old timers could remember it ever being dry, but it was. One night the old man and some of his friends decided to walk the creekbed, just to see what they could find. What they found was a big, flat, round rock. One of the old man's buddies said that the rock looked just like a craps table he had played on when he went to Nashville some years ago. This same gentleman just happened to have a pair of dice in his pocket. So the men shot craps. And every night (except for Sundays, of course), for the whole month of August, they went down the creek bed, and they threw the dice. The wives eventually caught on, and put a stop to most of it, and even if they hadn't, it finally started raining again in September. The rock was covered by water, the wives forgave their husbands, but nobody ever forgot that for two months during that long, hot summer, that the creek by the store was where you could go, almost any night of the week and gamble on the Hot Rock."

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