Balingary Nubians

BALINGARY HOOTIE HANNAH 6*M 3-3-01           Black, cream trim, white ears, nose,cap,
facial stripes & sides

LA: 4-03 87 VVEV

                                                *B Udder Providence Leviathan
*B  B.E.S.T. Obsidian
                                                Copper Hill Luck's Amethyst 7*M

                                                +*B Copper Hill Tiger Tracks
SGCH Balingary TT Tallulah 5*M
                                                Balingary Lady Lavinia 4*M

If we could only have one goat- it would be the sweet Hannah. Hannah is as loving as she is huge, and still the mirror image of her mother. Hannah earned her second official leg at the 2006 Wilson County Fair.

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