Balingary Nubians

B.E.S.T Glitter	       4/13/03       Light brown with white ears, nose, cap and side splashes  LA: 1-04 85 VV++

                                               GCH ++*B Copper-Hill Alginons Breakaway
Sire: *B Copper-Hill Breakaway's Banner FS 90
                                               Copper-hill Winter Blues 5*M

                                               +*B Amberwood Jedi's Winter Frost
Dam:  GCH Copper-Hill Winter Galaxy 6*M  FS 87
                                               Copper-Hill Frosty Gale 5*M

Glitter is all about milk! She is an exceptional milker and a very sweet doe, not to mention how much we love her daughter, Violet.

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