The Jetton Family
Fayetteville, TN


We have been raising Nubians since 1978 on a 73 acre farm in the scenic Hot Rock community, 12 miles west of Fayetteville TN, and 10 miles east of I-65. We have done just about everything there is to do with goats. We have been on DHIR and have participated in linear appraisal since 1982. Our four children had dairy goats as 4-H project animals, and I was our 4-H leader. We "Promoted the Goat" ?til we were nearly sick of it. We operated a licensed commercial goat dairy for 4 years, milking for Fromagerie Belle Chevre. We have shown our goats, and finished several champions, in our herd and others. We have visited the National Show, but never exhibited there. We have shown at the North American International Livestock Exposition, placing respectably. We have used AI, and collected our bucks.

Since our children are now grown, the herd size has dwindled to a manageable level. Milk is used for household, and to raise a pig and a calf for our freezer each year. Excess milk is used to raise calves which are sold for backgrounding.

All kids are removed from their dams at birth and raised on heat treated colostrum and pasteurized goat milk. We have done this since 1985.

Since we drink the milk from our goats; make butter, cheese, and fudge, herd health is very important. Our animals are vaccinated against enterotoxemia, tetanus, and lepto. We use vitamins and minerals to supplement our 16% dairy ration. We are certified and accredited.

We require a $50 deposit on all kids ordered. We can ship from Huntsville, AL, or Nashville TN. Cost of shipping and health papers to be paid by buyer. .

We welcome visitors, but ask that you call (or email) first. Thank you for your interest in our herd of lovely purebred Nubians.

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