Balingary Nubians

Enya at age 11

GCH BALINGARY EVIES ENYA *M	4-19-94       Red-brown, black trim
LA: 6-02  FS 88 (V V E E)

					+*B Longman's Crystal Count FS 78
+*B Balingary LCC  Hershey FS 81
					Balingary Dos Sakura 5*M  FS 87

					Cream of Kansas Abel's Piper
Tri-Cities EP Evie FS 84
					Cream of Kansas Simon's Edna

Enya is one of the most correct and stylish does we have ever owned, possessing incredible breed character about the head, which she passes on to her offspring, all of whom have been impressive. Enya now lives with Linda Sexton at Buffalo Ridge Farm. She remains in our herd through her lovely genetics.

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