Balingary Nubians

BALINGARY DWE ELLIE          2-27-98            Brown, frosted ears, nose,cap.
LA:  1-03  FS 83 (V V A +)
DHIR:  1-01  280  1241  61  4.9% 

						Dayspring Blue Boy
Old Glory Dream Weaver	  
						Niro Dandyís Brea

                                                +*B Balingary LCC Hershey FS 81
GCH Balingary Evieís Enya *M FS 90
        					Tri Cities EP Evie  FS 84

Ellie does not have her motherís elegant head (she did code" very good" in head tho), but she has everything else. They have done well in dam & daughter classes. Shown 6 times, Ellie placed every time. Ellie is bred to Capriccio for April 10. Kids, $300.

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