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Dr. Bobo has been working the farm for 14 years now. While he's not a real doctor, his work and "on the farm" experience have certainly earned our respect. What he lacks in formal schooling, he more than makes up for in experience, common sense, and good old-fashioned know how.

Ask Dr. Bobo

Dear Dr. Bobo,
I have just finished AI breeding one of my does.  I squirted a little
bit of the stuff that was left in the straw onto a slide and looked at
it under the microscope.  I saw many, many things that sort of look like
tadpoles.  What could these be?
Clueless in Coldwater

Dear Clueless,
Ahh, the microscope - wonderful invention - makes things appear larger
than they really are!  Van Leeuwenhoek, and all that!
Back to your question.  Tadpoles.  The people here keep a large trough
filled with fresh spring water for their goats to drink.  Sometimes I
drink out of it ,too; frankly, because it is good!  Anyway, in the
summer I sometimes see what appear to be tadpoles in the water.  They
develop legs and eventually turn into frogs and crawl out of the trough.
If the "tadpoles" you are seeing came out of a straw of frozen buck
semen, they probably are something else, and I wouldn't expect any
In Science Pseudo, 
Dr. Bobo

You may send your questions to Dr. Bobo, but don't expect him to answer them, as he prefers to make up his own questions.

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