Balingary Nubians

BALINGARY BT DONNATELLA 4-6-00           Gold with white spots and splashes

                                                ++*B H. Homestead Gold Strike
*B Balingary Brad Pitt
                                                Balingary AM Jasmine 3*M FS 86

                                                +*B Copper Hill Tiger Tracks
GCH Balingary TT Tallulah 5*M
                                                Balingary Lady Lavinia 4*M FS 80

Donnatella earned her dry leg as a kid. She freshened with a beautiful udder, but came down with mastitis two weeks later. After treatment, she was dried up. So far, developing udder looks even - fingers are crossed. This year, we repeated the breeding which produced the lovely Iris Depardeau. Doe kids are $200, buck kids $150. One doe is reserved.

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