Balingary Nubians

B.E.S.T. Auralee	       4/2/03       Brown, white ears and nose, black dorsal and legs  LA: 2-03  87 VEVV

                                                GCH ++*B Copper-Hill Alginons Breakaway
Sire:  *B Copper-Hill Breakaway's Banner  FS 90
                                                Copper-Hill Winter Blues 5*M

                                                *B Udder Providence Leviathan
Dam:  B.E.S.T. Maranatha Avonlee                                                           
                                                Copper-Hill Luck's Amethyst 7*M

Auralee has a very beautiful udder. As you can see by her LA score, she is very good in all areas. She is a valued member of our herd and we are very pleased with her. Auralee is bred to Linus for April kids. $275.

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